County sees 37 new cases

May 19, 2022

The rate of new COVID-19 case growth is accelerating again.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Wise County increased by 37 between May 11 and Wednesday.

The Virginia Department of Health reported Wednesday morning that the county’s total confirmed cases in the months since the pandemic began had risen to 10,332 — up from 10,295 one week earlier.
The number of Wise County COVID-19 deaths remained at 199.

Statewide, the total number of confirmed cases since the pandemic began rose from 1,238,231 May 11 to 1,252,176 Wednesday, an increase of 13,945. The number of “probable” cases in Virginia rose from 488,518 May 11 to 495,431 yesterday, an increase of 6,913.
During the same period, the number of confirmed deaths increased by 30 to 16,969. However, the number of probable COVID-19 deaths was revised down from 3,362 to 3,359.