‘Cruisin’ set Saturday

April 28, 2021




Cruisin this Saturday

“Cruisin” Main Street happening this Saturday, May 1 starting at 5 pm. Bring out your hot rod, trucks, jeep, motorcycle, ATV or your daily ride.

Food vendors and music will be on site. Everyone come out and enjoy an evening on the town.

Month of May

May was a great month in my early teen years of attending AHS in the 1960’s. We girls were excited about the prom and who we would go with and what we would wear. That used to be the highlight of your Junior and Senior year.

Doris Berta, Ann Hurd and all the P.E. classes worked to make sure it was beautiful in the gym. We wore clothes we had not had the occasion to wear, beautiful evening gowns!

The boys all wore white dinner jackets, black pants and black shoes. It was all beautiful and very formal.

When the grand march began each couple’s name was announced and you marched in so proudly. The prom started at 8pm and at 12 pm it was over!

The next step in May was graduation. Junior girls with the Daisy Chain marched in to the graduation ceremony and marched out with a Senior.

Tears, yes there was a lot of tears from girls and boys leaving our dear old school, AHS. “Time may turn your walls to dust but cherish still our dreams we must.”

Happy Anniversary

We wish Patsy and Steve Hubbard a blessed happy 56 year wedding anniversary this past Saturday, April 24th.

Celebrating Birthdays

Everyone who ever attended an AHS sports event in the past 40 years knows Lois Austin, she attended them all. Bulldog spirit ran in her veins. Her family of three generations has participated in the sports.

April 29th Lois is celebrating a birthday. Happy birthday to Lois.

Monday, May 3 Wayne Herndon’s wife, Lucille Herndon will be having a birthday. Wayne wants to wish his lovely wife a happy birthday.

There is a lovely lady living in the Appalachia Towers. She has been there more years than any other tenant. Her name is Joyce Fields. Joyce celebrates her 87th birthday May 11th. When I see Joyce I always think of when she took cosmetology and she was the first person to cut my hair with a razor blade! She may not remember it but I do. She married Harold and gave up on cosmetology! Joyce still has a beautiful head of read hair. Congratulations on a blessed God filled life and happy birthday on May 11th.


We send our condolences to Pasty Collins and family in the death of her sister. Loretta Nelson Creech passed away on April 21, 2021. She was born in 1937 in Exeter, VA and graduated from AHS in 1955. She was an R.N. primarily in Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital and later at Baptist Health in Corbin. She was married 55 years to Harold Creech. She is survived by her sister Patsy Collins in Appalachia, Sandra George in Norfolk, brother Barry Nelson of Williamsburg, VA, one son Alan Creech of Lexington, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

We send our condolences to Gladys and Roger Pierce in the loss of their grandson. Please remember this family in your prayers.


Jim and Susie Fillmore were pleased to have their two daughters, Brook and Maena visiting with them this past weekend.

Credit Card Machine Down

The credit card machine in the office of Appalachia Town Hall is down and no payment can be taken at this time. Contact town hall, 565-3900.

56th Anniversary

May 3rd Gary and I will celebrate our 56th wedding anniversary. God has blessed our lives in so many ways.


Our 8 year old granddaughter, Berkley, was treated to Spa-di-da last Saturday by her parents Shawn and Emily in the Johnson City Mall. She loved it. From head to toe she was a little lady being pampered. This spa is for young girls 8-12 years old.


We had to have a technician from Xfinity come out to check our little black box connected to the TV last Saturday. I kept hearing Gary repeating numbers so I went into the room where he was and I asked, “Who are you talking to?” After he explained the new remote control, you speak the number of the channel you wish to watch. Technology is too hard for me to keep up with.

Spring Weather

This spring season in Appalachia has certainly been different for the month of April. Snow, rain, frost, cold temperatures have made a very gloomy last few weeks. Let’s hope for a beautiful May.