Town gym, parks will remain closed until further notice


BIG STONE GAP — Town council has decided to keep the gym and parks closed.

During the Tuesday meeting, council member Kent Gilley stated that he has received calls asking if the gym could be reopened for reservations. Gilley stated that he didn’t think it was a good time to reopen the facility.
Vice Mayor Nancy Bailey stated that she has received calls with the same question, asking if the gym could be open for basketball practices for a travel team.
Council discussed opening the gym but ultimately decided against it due to the risk to the public and to town employees. “It puts a lot of people and the town employees at risk because they are the ones that will have to clean after practices,” Bailey said.

Mayor Gary Johnson suggested that the town wait awhile longer before opening up the parks. “You can’t control little kids,” he said of the risk.

While there was no official vote, Town Manager Steve Lawson stated that per council comments, the status of the playgrounds and gym “will remain as is.”