County’s virus case count takes a big leap

August 13, 2020

Wise County has reported 40 new COVID-19 virus cases in two days.

As of Monday, the Virginia Department of Health reported, the county had confirmed a total of 141 cases over the months since the pandemic began. By Tuesday, the number had jumped to 168. As of yesterday, it was 181.

Wise County has reported three COVID-19-related deaths since state health department reporting began roughly five months ago.

Statewide, the total number of confirmed cases across those several months had reached 98,374 by Wednesday — an increase of 1,567 since Monday. The number of “probable” cases had reached 4,147 — an increase of 205 in two days. The number of deaths had reached 114, two more than on Monday.


The state health department announced Friday that the COVID-19 statistics to be published that day would “contain a significant increase due to a data backlog from earlier in the week.”

The new data was to indicate 2,015 new cases statewide, according to a press release, adding, “This figure includes information that should have been reported on Wednesday and Thursday of this week as well as the regular numbers for Friday.”

To look at the health department’s data, visit and go to the COVID-19 Data and Resources section.